Does your debtor refuse to pay one or more invoices? VIOTTA is happy to assist you with debt collection law issues. Our lawyers are specialized in the realization of outstanding claims, even when it gets tough.

Three options for collecting a claim

It’s annoying when your company doesn’t get paid. With a team of specialized debt collection lawyers, VIOTTA ensures that you still get paid. We usually first send the debtor a demand letter. In this letter we will not only claim the outstanding principal, but also all other costs (and interest) to which you are entitled.

If payment is still not forthcoming after the demand letter, we will further increase the pressure. We can do this by:

The way a collection process is set up depends on several factors.

The imposition of a prejudgment attachment

We will discuss all options to get your claim paid as efficiently as possible with you in advance. One of these options is to impose a prejudgment attachment on your debtor’s assets.

For example, you can think of a positive balance on one or more bank accounts, but also claims that your debtor in turn has on (trade) debtors.

Prejudgment attachment is usually an effective means of inducing a debtor to pay.

A collection procedure before the court

A collection procedure is pre-eminently a means of persuading a reluctant debtor to pay. We are happy to assist you in taking enforcement measures based on a court decision.

You can think of appropriating funds from bank accounts or other assets of your debtor.

Filing a bankruptcy request

Another avenue that could be taken is filing a request to have your debtor declared bankrupt. Upon receipt of such a request, the court will determine a date on which the bankruptcy petition will be heard.

Often the prospect of bankruptcy in itself proves to be an effective means of persuading an unwilling debtor to pay.


VIOTTA is a law firm that specializes in handling complex debt collection processes. Our partners are no strangers to the legal profession. They all have specific expertise and years of experience. Arnoud Fioole and Martijn Kesler are pre-eminent experts in the realization of outstanding claims.

At VIOTTA, we don’t like unpleasant surprises. We are always clear in our communication and transparent about the expected costs.

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