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Graduated from the University of Maastricht (LLB) and the University of Amsterdam (LLM) and JiaoTong University in Shanghai where he specialized in Chinese Corporate Law and Chinese Business Law.

Martijn started his career working for Philips Consumer Lifestyle as a legal counsel. He started as a practicing lawyer at an Amsterdam based firm and was admitted to the Dutch bar in 2014. On April 1, 2020, Martijn joined VIOTTA Advocaten. He specializes in litigious matters, particularly corporate litigation and the enforcement of claims, judgments and arbitral awards.


Specialized in corporate law and commercial litigation. Experienced in Dutch corporate law, advising on corporate law issues, corporate law disputes and advising start-up companies. Martijn has gained experience in mergers and acquisitions, the commercial law practice and corporate litigation such as share­holder disputes, insolvency matters and directors’ liability claims.

Martijn Kesler.

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