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Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in corporate law in the Netherlands? If so, you have come to the right place. Our experts are enthusiastic and determined, every time, whether it concerns a merger, investigation proceedings or a claim for directors’ liability.

The importance of a lawyer specialised in corporate law

Not only your organisation, but also corporate law is constantly changing. Based on our experience, we know the fast pace of developments better than anyone. Are you, for example, in the process of deciding to merge with another company or are you involved in a business dispute? In these cases, various simultaneous actions usually have to be taken within a short period of time. This requires a lawyer who can act quickly. Thanks to our expertise in corporate law, you will not be lagging behind and together with us, you will be well prepared.

We are a specialised corporate law firm in Amsterdam

You can call on us for all areas of corporate law, whether it concerns the dissolution of a general partnership (VOF) or Corporate Governance. It does not matter in what branch you operate or what the size of your company is.

We provide advice to not only listed companies, but also to SMEs and start-ups. In addition, we regularly assist family businesses and other investors in regard to private equity and venture capital. Do you have a restructuring issue? We are happy to assist with that as well. Where necessary, we collaborate with other experts at home and abroad.

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Need assistance from a corporate lawyer in the Netherlands? Bring in VIOTTA

Do you want to merge, or liquidate a company, buy out a shareholder or do you have another corporate issue? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will look for the best approach to bring your case to a successful conclusion. Before we do so, we will always provide you with a realistic cost overview within 24 hours. This way, you always know where you stand and you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises.

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21 / 06 2022

Setting up a business in The Netherlands as a foreign company

The Netherlands is regarded as one of the most economically attractive European countries for foreign investors. There are several factors for this, varying from national infrastructure to the fiscal climate. Read everything about setting up a business in the Netherlands.

06 / 04 2022

Stefan de Vrij versus Sports Entertainment Group (SEG)

Much has already been written in the media about the procedure that Stefan de Vrij initiated against Sports Entertainment Group (SEG). Today, the Amsterdam court ruled that Sports Entertainment Group is liable for damages to Stefan de Vrij for enriching themselves without honoring their full disclosure obligation to Stefan de Vrij. Corporate law attorney Martijn Kesler explains the verdict.

05 / 04 2022

The difference between the Dutch B.V. and the N.V.

The difference between private and public limited companies.

05 / 04 2022

One-tier board or two-tier board: an explanation of both governance models

The introduction of the one-tier board in a public limited liability company or private limited company was part of the Simplification and Flexibility of Private Limited Companies.

29 / 03 2022

The investment climate in the Netherlands: tax adjustments are needed

In this article, corporate law attorney Dirk de Waard discusses the current scheme in the Netherlands and the adjustment of the tax scheme for share option rights, which tries to make Dutch startups more attractive to talented employees. In addition, a comparison is made with the regulations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

05 / 01 2022

Purchase price adjustments in company acquisitions

In most transactions, the purchase price is based on the value of the company on the day the shares or assets/liabilities are delivered by seller to buyer. This value can be derived from the company's financial statements on the same transfer date. 


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VIOTTA’s insolvency lawyers have many years of national and international experience at various law firms.