Do you want to cooperate more intensively with one or more companies and set up a joint venture? VIOTTA can help you with that. We have a team of dedicated lawyers who specialise in this area of law. This ensures that everything from A to Z is properly managed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a joint venture

A company can take over an industry peer or a competitor and companies can merge, but companies can also set up joint ventures. Usually, a new company is incorporated in which two or more companies participate and cooperate. A joint venture can take various forms. For example, a limited partnership (Dutch CV), a general partnership (Dutch VOF) or a private limited company (Dutch BV) can be incorporated.

What does a joint venture agreement look like?

A joint venture agreement is drawn up together with all the partners and the relevant lawyer. During the drafting of the agreement, the contribution of each party is taken into account, as well as the shares they hold and who is responsible for (the observance of) which rights and obligations. In addition, the duration of the agreement is taken into account. The duration of a joint venture contract is often limited. It is also important to pay attention to dispute resolution.

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Our joint venture lawyers can assist you

The role of a joint venture lawyer is to combine the forces of all the parties in a precise manner in order to minimise the risk of a possible dispute. At VIOTTA, we have a great deal of experience with this. Our lawyers Tom de Waard and Dirk de Waard have years of expertise and knowledge in this area of law. Together with you, they will ensure that your new company is rock solid.

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