VIOTTA’s lawyers specialise in corporate law and have gained extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity and venture capital transactions at national and international law firms in the Netherlands and abroad. From SMEs to listed companies, private equity firms and financial institutions, technology, media, telecom (TMT) and electronics companies, VIOTTA’s lawyers assist in mergers and acquisitions, tender bids and private placements, public bids, capital market transactions, strategic partnerships and financing transactions.

Experienced M&A lawyers

VIOTTA’s M&A lawyers put all their expertise and experience in advising entrepreneurs, investment funds and banks or institutional investors. Our goal is to provide your company with practical and legal guidelines to help you make informed decisions. Our lawyers are happy to guide you – from the intake interview and until the merger or acquisition has been completed. We assist both national and international SMEs, investors, banks and listed companies.

In addition to our in-house experts, we have a large network of other (national and international) professionals. We work together with corporate finance advisors and investors. If necessary, we can involve them at any time.

Some M&A examples

VIOTTA’s lawyers have advised on many acquisitions. You’ll find a few examples below. VIOTTA advised:

The lawyers of VIOTTA have also advised several energy companies such as ENI, Electrabel, TenneT, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, E.ON, NEA, OXXIO on acquisitions or mergers. In addition, VIOTTA’s lawyers have advised on the IPO of, among others, Endemol Entertainment Holding N.V., Priority Telecom and ABN AMRO.

Viotta Law - Mergers

Corporate Governance

VIOTTA’s lawyers furthermore advise their clients after transactions about corporate governance and company structure, commercial contracts and other issues that will arise in your company. VIOTTA’s lawyers have experience in the fields of energy, healthcare, media and technology.

Tom de Waard

Tom de Waard was a supervisory director at BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. for 19 years, at STMicroelectronics N.V. for 16 years and at Nuon and Telegraaf Media Groep for exchange-traded funds listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Rein Kronenberg

In addition to his career as a lawyer, Rein Kronenberg has served as general counsel of Randstad N.V., senior advisor for alternative investments at APG Asset Management, the Dutch pension fund manager with more than EUR 600 billion and as company secretary and head of legal affairs of TOM Holding N.V., the former Amsterdam options exchange.

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01 / 11 2021

Proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber

It was recently revealed that the brokerage association NVM provisionally does not want to lose its majority interest in Funda. This was not very well received by a group of depositary receipt holders.

23 / 08 2021

Legal opinions on mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Legal Opinions play an important role in Dutch legal practice, especially in international transaction and financing practices. Nevertheless, the average lawyer does not know much about opinions, nor about their backgrounds, set-up, scope and limitations.


This is what we do best.


Restructuring & Insolvency

VIOTTA’s insolvency lawyers have many years of national and international experience at various law firms.