mCube is a fabless semiconductor company that provides micro electro mechanical sensors(MEMS) motion sensors primarily for the usage of OEMs of Internet of moving things. Its offerings are sensor components, sensor modules, and wearable sensor systems. Its sensor component is a range of 3-axis accelerometer sensors that can record acceleration up to 16g, its sensor modules have use cases in smart devices like drone and likewise and can perform functions like motion tracking. The company’s wearable sensor systems are for OEM of smart wearable devices to track various movements, activities, walk counts and more. The company also provides a software system called MT Software Suite, for developers to configure the sensor modules as per requirement. Clients are Casio G-Shock, Lenovo, Acer & ZTE mobiles, Leadtek and more. Eastward Capital Partners is a provider of venture debt and equity financing solutions to technology companies backed by venture capital firms.

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31 / 08 2022

Tokenization: converting assets into digital tokens

Tokenization thus offers the possibility to no longer physically transfer assets or rights, but to deliver them digitally via blockchain technology. The crypto financing lawyers of VIOTTA explain the possibilities surrounding tokens as follows.

16 / 08 2022

Tokens and Dutch law

The application of blockchain technology raises various questions under Dutch law. What are tokens? Are tokens money? If tokens are not money, are these tokens considered goods?

04 / 08 2022

The Material Adverse Change-clause: what is it and what’s it for?

The MAC clause is common in acquisition contracts and its purpose is to protect the buyer from circumstances that have a significant impact on the financial position of the target company.

21 / 06 2022

Setting up a business in The Netherlands as a foreign company

The Netherlands is regarded as one of the most economically attractive European countries for foreign investors. There are several factors for this, varying from national infrastructure to the fiscal climate. Read everything about setting up a business in the Netherlands.

06 / 04 2022

Stefan de Vrij versus Sports Entertainment Group (SEG)

Much has already been written in the media about the procedure that Stefan de Vrij initiated against Sports Entertainment Group (SEG). Today, the Amsterdam court ruled that Sports Entertainment Group is liable for damages to Stefan de Vrij for enriching themselves without honoring their full disclosure obligation to Stefan de Vrij. Corporate law attorney Martijn Kesler explains the verdict.

05 / 04 2022

One-tier board or two-tier board: an explanation of both governance models

The introduction of the one-tier board in a public limited liability company or private limited company was part of the Simplification and Flexibility of Private Limited Companies.