It is advised to proceed with care when starting a business. For foreign entrepreneurs, it is crucial to understand the local laws and regulations. In this article, Dirk de Waard explains how to set up a company in the Netherlands.

Starting a business in the Netherlands

A well-founded business plan is the start of a successful company in the Netherlands. In addition, it is essential to determine which company type is best suited to this business.

Choosing the right legal structure for your business

In the Netherlands, you can choose different legal structures for your company. The most common legal structures can be divided into two different variants:

Unincorporated companies;

  1. Sole traders
  2. General partnerships

Incorporated companies;

  1. Private companies
  2. Limited companies

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The difference between unincorporated and incorporated companies

The benefit of an unincorporated company is that the entrepreneur himself is, in principle, not liable. A private or limited company can therefore be equated with a limited liability company (LLC). Hence, the establishment of a private company or limited liability company to run a business is the most common legal form. In principle, there are no restrictions on being allowed to do business in the Netherlands.

Registration in the trade register

It is important that both unincorporated and incorporated businesses are registered in the trade register. The trade register is leading in the Netherlands and a condition for being allowed to do business through your company.

 Help with setting up a business in the Netherlands

There are several choices that must be made before starting a business in the Netherlands. VIOTTA is happy to help. We can provide you with advice and ensure that you make optimal use of Dutch legislation and regulations. It never happens that the costs exceed the benefits. That is why we always start with a quick scan, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.

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