Asking another lawyer for a second opinion

Clients sometimes feel uncomfortable asking for a second opinion and are afraid that this will put pressure on the relationship with their lawyer. Although understandable in itself, this fear is often unjustified. Consulting another lawyer for a second opinion does not necessarily mean the end of the relationship with your own lawyer. In fact, it is often advisable to involve your own lawyer in the decision to ask for a second opinion. Experience shows that lawyers actually only encourage such a choice. They do not see it as a hairline crack in the relationship, but rather as an opportunity to have their own advice and strategic choices in your case confirmed by a fellow professional.

The lawyer who is asked for a second opinion may withdraw after his or her involvement, so that your own lawyer can continue to handle the case for you. It is also conceivable that both lawyers will handle your case jointly in the future. In doing so, one of the lawyers may take the lead and the other lawyer may be used as a line of consultation. Joint handling can also sometimes be useful in legal proceedings. One lawyer may have greater professional knowledge, while the other lawyer may be a better performer in the courtroom. That combination can benefit your case. To avoid duplication of costs, it is important to make good working arrangements in advance.

We ourselves regularly encourage clients to have our advice checked by other lawyers. This prevents tunnel vision (even the best lawyers can suffer from this) and in the vast majority of cases the second opinion from another lawyer confirms that we are on the right track with our analysis of the case. Especially when taking important turns in a case, such as deciding whether or not to appeal, it may be wise to listen to another lawyer. His or her approach can sometimes be enlightening and refreshing. It is often the experience (for example in a similar case) rather than the professional knowledge of a second opinion lawyer that can make the difference.

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Do you need a second opinion, but do not know how to discuss this with your own lawyer? Please feel free to contact the specialists of VIOTTA Advocaten. We ourselves regularly encourage our clients to get a second opinion from a fellow lawyer when making important decisions. Conversely, we also regularly give second opinions in cases that require them. For advice without any obligation, please contact the lawyers of VIOTTA. They will be happy to assist you.

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