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The basis of controlled operations

Corporate governance is about management and control, responsibility and power, and about supervision and accountability within a company. It is important to have supervision in place. In addition, the company concerned must be accountable to its stakeholders and shareholders for the policy conducted. In this respect, it is important that relationships are good and that a balance of power is created. This leads to an accurate and well-functioning board and management, which in turn has an effect on the rest of the company.

VIOTTA lawyers provide advice regarding corporate governance and our clients include both SMEs and listed companies. VIOTTA advises listed companies in regard to the corporate governance code. This code applies to all listed companies whose registered offices are located in the Netherlands.

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VIOTTA’s corporate governance expertise

When forming and allocating governance and management, we take care of the following issues:

  • Internal regulations and compliance
  • Preparing general shareholders’ meetings
  • Drafting corporate governance statements
  • Follow-up of internal transactions
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Corporate governance code

Lawyer and partner Tom de Waard specialises in advising boards of directors and supervisory boards of listed companies in regard to the application of the corporate governance code. He gained this experience as chairman of the supervisory board of several listed companies. He is also a board member of an antitakeover foundation of a listed company. He is responsible for the proper application of corporate governance at the time of a possible hostile takeover.

Apart from the importance of corporate governance, it is also crucial to comply with the corporate governance code. Our lawyers can help you with this. Are you confronted with the Dutch corporate governance code? We will be happy to advise you in regard to its principles and the provisions relating to best practices for companies and corporations.

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