When do you need a lawyer specialised in corporate fraud?

Is your business dealing with fraud such as:

  • money laundering;
  • corruption;
  • tax evasion;
  • environmental law;
  • or other civil and criminal offences,

It is a good idea to hire a lawyer.

Far-reaching criminal proceedings in these areas cause image damage and can even lead to accountability of the company.

In view of the associated consequences, it is important to call in legal aid early. However, companies are often too late to do so. With the passage of time, it gradually becomes more difficult to identify these frauds.

Legal advice regarding corporate fraud regulations can help you prevent and track down such hard to detect violations.

The fraud investigation

If the company is nevertheless subject to any investigation by an expert or government agency (for example, interrogations of personnel or raids by the FIOD ), it is critical to hire a lawyer who can provide you with advice. It is, after all, of crucial importance to proceed carefully during such processes.

Not only knowledge of legislation, regulations and relevant jurisprudence, but also experience with negotiations with public authorities, helps VIOTTA to guide you as well as possible.

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The judicial procedure

If the investigation ends up at the court, your litigator will assist you during the entire judicial procedure.
Think of:

  • the judge of the first instance; appeal to the Court;
  • the Enterprise Chamber;
  • Arbitration; or
  • appeal to the Supreme Court.

VIOTTA lawyers

The interdisciplinary nature of the law firm in the field of fraud, surveys, investigations in combination with civil proceedings, ensures that any company will be assisted by VIOTTA at any point in an investigation.

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