Is your company involved in a dispute? With VIOTTA, you are in good hands. Our lawyers are razor-sharp and take a critical approach, without losing sight of the costs. Together with you, we will look for an appropriate strategy and the desired solution, so you always come out on top.

The importance of a dispute resolution lawyer

If your company is involved in a conflict, this can be extremely unpleasant. Disputes often cause a lot of stress and uncertainty. Are you dealing with an unwanted situation that you would like to resolve as soon as possible? If that is the case, contact us.

Our specialists have extensive expertise in both corporate litigation and commercial litigation. The fact that disputes are (or may be) of an international nature does not make any difference. Where necessary, we will cooperate with (foreign) lawyers from our international network.

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Our team of experienced litigation lawyers regularly conducts legal proceedings, both in the first instance (before the district courts) and on appeal (before the courts of appeal). In addition, we regularly conduct proceedings before the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (Ondernemingskamer) and the Netherlands Commercial Court.

We are also familiar with various arbitration procedures (NAI, LCIA, ICSID, UNCITRAL). Class actions, disputes regarding corporate fraud, mediation and binding advice procedures are also part of our expertise.

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This is how we settle your dispute out of court

When it comes to dispute resolution, it is not always necessary to go to court. Parties can also submit their dispute to one or more arbitrators. The parties may agree in their contract that any future disputes will be submitted to one or more arbitrators (and therefore not to the regular court). They may also agree on an ad hoc basis (i.e. once a dispute has arisen). In arbitration, private dispute resolution practitioners (often professionals, such as lawyers or accountants) give a decision about the dispute concerned, which is binding on the parties. We will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration in comparison to going to court.

Another example of alternative dispute resolution is mediation. Mediation also takes place out of (regular) court. A mediator, however, does not so much offer a ready-made solution (in the form of a binding decision), but aims to improve communication between the conflicting parties in an attempt to encourage them to find a solution to the dispute themselves.


VIOTTA is a law firm that specialises in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law and dispute resolution. Our partners are well-known in the legal profession because of their special expertise and experience. Arnoud Fioole and Martijn Kesler have been dispute resolution experts for many years and litigate for a wide variety of (national and international) parties. From individual entrepreneurs to SMEs and from start-ups to listed companies.

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VIOTTA is a law firm based in Amsterdam and is specialized in advising on the areas of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, contract law and corporate & commercial dispute resolution. We advise in transactional matters.


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Is your company involved in a dispute? Our lawyers are razor-sharp and take a critical approach.

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