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VIOTTA acted as legal advisor for YourDesq relating to its seed investment by a group of 6 investors and corporate housekeeping for the start of its business.

YourDesq is building a platform that creates the ability of working hybrid instead of working from home to increase social connectivity, keep flexibility, improve a sustainable footprint and enhance productivity. YourDesq offers businesses the opportunity to think differently about their office space.

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Work hybrid

To manage the use of their office space dynamically and cost efficient, while enabling employees to work hybrid. We will welcome this new community of users and hosts to our platform from 2021.

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Viotta Law - Dirk de Waard

Dirk de Waard


Viotta Law - Daan Holtus

Daan Holtus


If you need a legal opinion under Dutch law, please do not hesitate to contact us via or +31 20 248 06 00.


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23 / 08 2021

Legal Opinions

Legal Opinions play an important role in Dutch legal practice, especially in international transaction and financing practices. Nevertheless, the average lawyer does not know much about opinions, nor about their backgrounds, set-up, scope and limitations.